DAV holds flexible well-furnished class rooms, which allow teachers to manipulate them for any need and think beyond just typical chairs in rows. With the motto of “flexible digital learning spaces encourage collaboration and creativity”, the college has set up digital rooms for presentation and other IT related activities.

IT Department for Techno-Education

To make the college IT-friendly with a view to making the students   technologically civilized in 21st century, it has a separate IT department in a controlling environment. Information Technology department has maintained the entire technology infrastructure of the college that makes it possible for users to connect to the college network and access technology services. Specific information regarding the technology services is available round-the-clock in the college.


While lectures are fantastic for laying down the groundwork for a subject, the hands-on experience the students gain in a lab is crucial. Hence, to give the students opportunity to solve problems and conduct experiments with real-life applications, the college has managed separate          modernized labs for different branches of science.

DAV holds a belief that putting knowledge into practical action is vital for anyone considering a career in a science. To materialize such belief, the college gives the utmost importance to lab, more particularly to the students of science. For computer science students also, the college has managed a spaciously-driven lab with all equipments required in digital age.




The library door is the students’ gateway to information. The well-equipped college library holds a wide range of research resources, from prescribed books to periodicals, from  reference books to electronic databases. While some college students find studying in the library  environment to be very helpful, keeping those students into consideration, the college has maintained a separate study room attached with the library itself.


Multi-Purpose Auditorium:

The auditorium is a central and important space at DAV college for all types of formal assembly: lectures, award ceremonies, dramatic plays, musical theatre productions, concert performances of orchestra, band, chorus, jazz band, battles of the bands, dance competitions, workshops, seminars, welcome and farewell programs and so on. These varied events place a range of demands on the room. For all events, it is essential that everyone in the room hear, clearly and enjoyably, everything that is presented. All the existing halls at DAV effectively meet the above-mentioned things. Aside from DAV College itself, outsiders have also been using the halls for different events in different occasions.


The Department of Transportation Services at DAV is dedicated to providing safe, reliable and convenient transit options for the students. DAV gives the transportation service with luxurious vehicles to the students presiding in any nook and corner of Kathmandu city.


Badminton Court

To encourage and drive students in various sporting activities, the college has got a badminton court.

Basketball Court

DAV holds a belief that sporting activities are the passports to healthy body and sound mind. Hence, to drive students in sporting activities and teach them the value of team work, the college has got a Basket Ball Court where the students can engage in the break time and various ‘Sports Meet Programs’ organized by the college itself.

 Futsal and Cricket Ground 

To encourage students for regaining possession of the ball as a productive, fun and rewarding part of the game (defending), DAV College has got a futsal ground. DAV always puts the highest premium on the development of the holistic personality of the students through different sporting activities.


Table Tenis:

To encourage and drive students in various sporting activities, the college has got a Table Tenis Room.


DAV Open Gym

DAV College has installed open-gym-blocks at the four corners of its premises so that the students and the other concerned members of DAV can use them and get benefitted.


DAV has a separate place where sick or injured students or individuals receive care and treatment before they are sent to hospital. DAV is very sensitive to the health issues of the students and hence, wholeheartedly provides required health services to the concern.


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