Affiliation with NEB

To prepare students for higher education and enable them to cope with the emerging needs of the 21st century, Nepal has adopted a system of a 12- year school education. For this, National Examination Board (NEB) has been recently established and it has implemented the new improved curriculum that intends to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge. The pattern of the NEB examination has also set in a way different from the traditional one. The exam executed by NEB requires students to have mastery over the whole course without giving chances for selection. 
To get the affiliation with such a board, DAV College feels proud for being a part of the team. The prescribed curriculum of NEB for secondary education has been exclusively followed by DAV. At this level, the courses are diversified in such a manner so as to enable students to specialize in a specific stream with considerable freedom and flexibility. The higher level course provides the students with an opportunity and a means to get acquainted with appropriate vocationalisation. The teaching methodology used by nationally recognized teaching staff in good environment, has been one of the significant characteristics of the college.