Message form Chairman

Mr. Anil Kedia, chairman

We have come a long way as the best educational institution and achieved many milestones. Today, we are best known as finest institution to instil wisdom and virtue into the young minds and build a character which helps them to take life decisions. At DAV higher secondary, we inspire students to know their innate talent and decide the future career based on their true potential. 

We all know, these two years after SEE is too sensitive and delicate. One small mistake or wrong decision can ruin whole life of the students as well as their family. This phase in a student's life is a junction, where they need to decide and take a right direction. Many researches have shown that at this point of time students are neither too young nor too mature to take decision on their own. Hence, we at DAV have designed our system in a way which empowers them to take best decision for their future. To decide about the future in this delicate and critical phase, we inculcate the values and principles in students along with the best of knowledge and skills. The knowledge and skills are only one wing of a bird, the other is values, principles and attitude. With both the wings with them they are capable of flying around the globe no matter what, where and how the environment is, they succeed. 

With DAV's journey students can be best in emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual abilities, which are four pillars of life. So, by choosing DAV higher secondary, you have chosen right flight and right pilot with the best destination. 

Hence, feel proud and be confident. Welcome to DAV ...