Presentation and Evaluation

DAV aims at equipping the students with the skills and methods to compete in the global human resource market. To achieve this goal, the college runs different skill-oriented programmes. We believe that only the lectures and the tutorial notes are not sufficient for the students. Therefore, we have regular presentation classes after the completion of each unit.

Term Exams 
We conduct three term exams in an academic year. These exams are conducted to evaluate the students' progress as well as to habituate them to face the NEB final examination. Each of the exams will follow the NEB question pattern and the time boundary. In the particular day of the result, the guardians can freely discuss the progress of their children with the concerned subject teachers. 

Exams and Progress Report 
Three types of exams are conducted in a academic year: Unit Test, Term Exam and Re-exam. All these tests are mandatory for all the concerned students. 

Extra Tutorial Classes 
The college runs extra tutorial classes for the weak and needy students as a part of its responsibility to all level of student. The concerned subject teachers will take the responsibility of conducting the extra classes under the coordination of the college management. The necessity of such classes will be discussed and determined by the guardians, teachers, college management and the concerned students.

Unit Test 
After the completion of a unit, DAV runs unit tests so as to evaluate the students' progress in the course taught. These tests are conducted on the weekly basis and the concerned parents are reported about the progress of their children immediately after the result. 

Teacher - Parent conference
 It is very necessary for both the teachers and the guardians to know about the students' behavior and activities. The college organizes a Teacher- Parent Conference every year, where the guardians and the teachers get to know each other as well as the students. The college prepares individual profiles of the students and distributes them to the concerned guardians in the conference. 

DAV conducts re-examination targeting the weak students. Those who do not get success in the regular term exam and those who need some more preparations have to appear in re-examination. 

Home assignment 
NEB (Recently Changed) has been established with a view to bridge a gap between the school students and the university students. We believe that students can excel in the subject matter by their endeavors and efforts. Therefore, home assignments and project work at DAV are mandatory. The assignments are evaluated and graded by the respective subject teachers and finally verified with a college stamp.

Our Student Council 
To provide leadership training, character building and personality development, the student council functions with democratic norm. The council offers students with opportunities to discuss new skills and social responsibilities, and to discuss new ideas and serve the student community.