Teaching and Learning at DAV College

Methodology of Teaching 

DAV has adopted advanced teaching methodology having various techniques such as case studies, project works, seminars, presentation and group discussion. Experienced and highly qualified teachers from the university help the students to understand the complicated theories by using several methods and resources. 

Lectures and Tutorials 

Lectures and tutorials are the regular activities carried out in the college. These activities are essential for successful completion of the course curriculum in the stipulated time. 


Students' Participation 

In addition to lectures and tutorials, DAV encourages students to participate themselves in the problem - solving activities like group discussion, presentation, simulations, project works and field visits. These activities help students to excel in competition of different kinds including logical arguments and to form ideas and opinions. 

Scholarship and Financial Aid 

DAV college has a policy to offer scholarship to the deserving students and the candidates from underprivileged sections of the society. 

Chairman's Scholarship and Award 

Every year the students of DAV college will be provided with chairman's scholarship and award based on the rules and regulations established by the college.