Vasudha Eco Club Demonstrate Support for Environmental Protection

Vasudha Eco Club Demonstrate Support for Environmental Protection

Apr 25, 2019 275 Admin

On the occasion of Earth Day- 2019, several events and campaigns were conducted by Vasudha Eco Club for environmental protection in the periphery of the school on April 22.

The objective of the celebration was to make students understand the alarming states of affair of earth and its environment and most importantly how to make earth safe for the future generation.

The celebration started with the special assembly of Vasudha Eco Club students that delivered why the ‘World Earth Day’ was celebrated around the world. The theme for earth day celebration for this year is 'Protect our Species’.

To mark the ‘World Earth Day’ celebration, a total of forty-one students from Grade V to XII voluntarily participated in the cycle rally in Lalitpur areas carrying the national flag, school flag and placard containing the slogans of Earth Day. Vice-principal, Mr. Ramchandra Khanal inaugurated the cycle rally in the presence of SSO Mr. Prashant Samal and advised the students to ride the cycles slowly and carefully. The students were escorted by the teachers and emergency pick-up vans followed the students.

According to CCA in-charge of Senior School, Mr. Tankanath Ghimire, the students of Grade V took part in ‘Individual Art Competition’ and Grade VI students were engaged themselves in ‘Earth Model Making Competition’.

Likewise, the students of Grade VII were assigned to prepare PowerPoint presentation on the topic ‘History of Earth’. Similarly, Grade VIII Students were assigned the research work on the topic 'Protect our Species’ which they submit to the class teachers.

Grade IX students participated in group collage making competition on the topic, 'Save Our Mother Earth'. Similarly, Grade X students had to write poems on the topic, ‘The Animals’; and Grade XII students were shown documentary on environment in Jetavan Hall.

The results of the competitions will be announced soon and students will be honoured with the merit certificates. The ‘World Earth Day’ was initiated by the United States in 1970 and the idea of commemorating such a day was propounded by Gaylord Nelson, a US senator from Wisconsin.